No, I’m not pregnant. And I’m not adopting (yet). Every time a woman hollers about having “an announcement”, folk assume a baby is involved. DAG. I mean, just because I look like I ate a baby doesn’t mean I’m having one.

Okay, so yeah. I AM having another baby… but not the sort made of flesh and blood that poops all over your fresh sheets or vomits on your favorite silk blouse. This baby is made of bits and bytes!

MOM Squad: A labor of love has finally reached it’s zenith. A body of work I’ve been marinating on (for almost two years!) has at last come bursting through the uterus of my mind. I’m proud to announce the delivery of ‘Madness & Tea’, a delicious collection of the most lowbrow tales I’ve ever written here on the blog and beyond.

I couldn’t be more proud of myself. In order to complete this task, I had to clear my mind of any and ALL logic, giving myself over to unparalleled foolishness almost to the point of becoming imbecilic. Still, I soldiered on and pushed through. Just as we have pushed through together the dark times together.Yes, yes! This is a triumph for you as well. I may be the placenta, but YOU are the oxygen that has given this baby life.


I want to thank Kim Kinzie, Adj Jetski, Tee Wilder and my co-worker, Deborah, for their contributions to this work. With you, this rare moment wouldn’t have been possible.

Look at it. Isn’t it beautiful?

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 12.20.34 PM


I will entertain questions now, if you have any.