Who Sent Stan? The Curious Case of a Vulture Attempting to Protect the Integrity of the Garbage Heap.

It is only in a country like John D. Mahama’s Ghana that two former Gitmo detainees will find themselves better housed, fed and with greater access to healthcare than the average Ghanaian citizen. After all, should some calamity befall these two, the government will have to answer and give an account to the international community. The millions of hardworking tomato, cocoa and yam farmers/sellers, street hawkers and part time prostitutes that dot the country’s landscape enjoy no such protections. Mahama’s government takes risks with their lives every day; there is no fear of repercussion, no oversight. It is therefore no surprise that a man such as Stanislav Dogbe thrives in such an environment. The corrupt and morally bankrupt are the greatest beneficiaries of President MaHaHa’s brand of “compassion”, and few people have found themselves better protected by the president than this unscrupulous cave dwelling mammal.


I want to make it crystal clear that I detest Stan Dogbe. Let no confusion about my feelings for the man take root in your mind. He is a cancer…a cancer that represents the degenerative state of the NDC in general. A few years ago I ran a series on the M.O.M. called ‘Meet the Man Who is Ruining Ghana’, where I would feature religious leaders, politicians and merchants of industry who were bringing the country to its knees through their depravity. The only reason I never got to Herr Dogbe is because the Black Lives Matter movement drew my attention away.

I’m ecstatic that Stanislav has given me the opportunity to display my disdain for his presence on the Ghanaian political landscape.

When I penned my post about Poka Arts’ subjection to plagiarism in connection with the NPP and those individuals physically responsible for carrying out the two instances, I made mention that I was fairly certain that Nana Addo and members in the upper echelons of the party were mostly likely unaware of these acts. It’s not reasonable to expect that they would be, despite the fact that the act of plagiarism reflects poorly on the NPP’s brand. Several people contacted me privately with some concerns. “The Other Side,” they said, “might try to use this to attack Mr. Addo personally to score political points.” Some asked if I might consider taking the post down, which I declined to do, of course.I said we would cross that bridge IF we ever got there.

“NDC is not a party that is above reproach or blameless for the many livelihoods and lives lost over the past seven years. They are primed for a clapback.”

It’s only natural that one’s political opponent would see and seize the opportunity to use any object that they felt could be used as ammunition to damage the other. And  if my blog was to be used to score political points or empathy, I already had a ready reply for any NDC troll who would be foolish enough to do so. My contempt for the NDC in general is well documented, and as I’ve said numerous times before, they are a group that have earned their reputation as confused, witless, uncouth, thoughtless thugs. The fecal spattered laundry list of their offenses against the country is a mile long and racks up debts into the billions. In my mind, they’d be foolish to try to use my post to their advantage, given the corporate guilt of this political party and its members. I doubted anyone would be foolish enough to try it. Well, apparently, Stan Dogbe is a very foolish man.

That Stan Dogbe felt comfortable enough to publish the following tweet – without irony – is something right out of a stoner’s tripped out dream. Who sent Stan to do this? Whose bright idea was this? Assigning Stan Dogbe the job of standing up on behalf of “Integrity & Responsibility” is like sending King Leopold the murderer of millions of Africans to admonish Hitler on his treatment of the Jews.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.05.02 AM

Stan Dogbe is a man whose existence is characterized and governed by controversy, which is why I suspect he is so valuable to Ghana’s sitting president. In matters of the state and public affairs, he reacts to everything viscerally. He is unprincipled, immoral, bestial and unrepentant about any of it. It is not useful to John Mahama for Stan Dogbe to develop or have a conscience, which is likely why this currish man remains in the president’s employ, despite the numerous grievances he’s caused both the state and individuals in the public. I believe the president lives vicariously through him. Stan Dogbe is Mahama’s Dick Cheney; his Josef Goebbels; his Stephen the House Negro from Django…and Stan has a long history of taking whatever he wants from whomever he wants. Suspicion abounds that he has been on many an impious errand on the president’s behalf, the latter who has decided that it’s safer keep him close and on his side than rogue and on the fringes with all the information that he has stored in that little brain.

For those who are unfamiliar with him, Herr Dogbe currently serves as the Director of Communications cum presidential staffer at the Flagstaff House and has been the originator of the some most asinine utterances that this government has had to bear responsibility for to date. Despite being a journalist himself, he has shown an incredible lack of respect for the profession…or anyone employed in the industry. He recently took to Twitter to castigate the BBC for its reportage of his government’s mismanagement of public funds to brand buses with his buddy Mahama’s face, calling the organization and the reporter who published the story “useless”. In mid 2015, he viciously assaulted Mr. Yahyah Kwamoah, a journalist with the GBC, snatching his recording device and dashing it to pieces while the journalist was reporting on his colleagues involvement in a vehicular accident that year. While a journalist for Joy FM himself, Stand Dogbe was accused of rape and was forced to part ways with the organization. His “alleged” victim was a KNUST student. He has been universally deemed unfit for the position he holds, and the responsibilities and professionalism requisite therein.

So for Stan Dogbe – a visibly violent man, an alleged rapist, and frequent demonstrator of a lack of decorum or home training – to hop in the driver’s seat of this crusade and begin to question anybody’s integrity or responsibility where media ethics are concerned isn’t just laughable…it’s mind bending. Like, this dude must be out of his God-given mind!

Is there an opportunity for NDC to use the plagiarism incident to their advantage? Sure. All is fair in love, war and on the campaign trail. Likewise, the NPP certainly have more than enough evidence to demonstrate that this current government is setting Ghanaians on the path to the Dark Ages or colonial rule. One expects there to be opportunistic mudslinging at this stage in the game.

But Stan Dogbe isn’t allowed to play.

Stan Dogbe is the mud itself.

His function is to remain filthy and silent, save for the squish-squish noises mud makes when pedestrians trod through it. He has nothing to say that carries any merit here. No one can put Stan Dogbe and integrity in the same sentence unless it’s for the purposes of satire.

But back to the point about Mahama’s Ghana: The news today is all abuzz concerning the shut down of two cocoa processing plants due to “operational challenges”. All this even after the President and his wife spent thousands of (some say state-funded) dollars to brand bars of MaHaHa chocolate as political party favors. The shut down has shocked the nation. More than the 1000 direct jobs have been lost (and 4,000 household members left adrift), and an estimated 10,000 independent street hawkers – and the families that depend on their sales – have been left with yet another question mark about how to survive hanging over their heads. All this from a president whose response last year to operational struggles that middle class entrepreneurs and large businesses found themselves grappling with was “smart businesses are not laying off workers”. Look what has happened to our national brand under his watch.

Stan Dogbe needs to go find a seat and figure out how he’s going to spin that and leave the talk of “integrity and responsibility” to those better qualified. *Hint: Ain’t nobody in the NDC qualified.