Bellefit is having a 40% off Sale

Do you suffer from Diastasis Recti?

Has childbirth left your belly looking like it got a 50% score on the attempt?

Do you have so much muffin top that people mistake you for a walking Pillsbury ad?

No? Then you can skip this post. The rest of you, follow me to!

I’m 9 years post-partum. (That’s not a typo. The last time I brought a life into this world, it was 2010) I still haven’t managed to get my waist back in order, despite plunging headfirst into a plethora of diets, swearing off white sugar and taking the gallon of water challenge. I know that the bulk of my failure has a direct relationship to my revulsion to exercise, and I’m ok with that.

I can handle a chubby neck, thick thighs and flabby arms. I cannot abide the appearance of a sagging midriff. That, in my books, is simply unforgivable.

Last night I went on a search for the best girdles to wear post-partum, and post-partum specifically, because it’s childbirth that is the direct cause of my physical demise. I have a draw full of neoprene sweat bands and abdominal wraps, and they are absolutely useless. My discomfort with shape will not be quieted through sweating: It will solved through BINDING.

Bind the belly fat. Bind that devil! Don’t let him loose until it’s time for slumber!

As I was saying, I was on a search for binders and I discovered Bellefit, a brand I had never heard of because it’s not available on the shelves at the two places I shop most frequently: Aldi and Target. All that is to say it’s a high end brand and the reviews glow, in general. One would hope so. The items are quite pricey.

This is bundle I chose

Gritting I prepared to plunk down close to $100 for a corset, when I discovered a 40% coupon just sitting waiting for me at checkout. Thank the ab gods! I hurriedly placed my order before the browser did the weird spinning thing when my luck runs out and could erase the information.

After reading further Bellefit reviews, I discovered that they also offer bundle pricing. This is why we are here today. You all know I love a deal, and when I find one I’m quick to share it with the MOM Squad. Get this deal. Get it NOW. These girdles make an excellent gift for expecting moms. I wish someone had bought me one 10 years ago.

Post-partum binding has been around for centuries. Women in Africa and India have adhered to the practice long before it made its way to the West. It’s perfectly safe for the mother – beneficial even, as it helps restore core strength and shape. The method used it to bind the mother’s waist (daily) with a sturdy cloth for 3-4 months after the delivery of her child. My good friend Nana Amma told me this year I gave birth to my third. I could’ve had a snatched waist circa 2009, but the idea of looking for an appropriate ntama, tying it around myself – unaided – every day and adding one more thing to my pile of laundry was more than I could mentally handle at the time. And well…Now here we are looking for discounts on medical grade corsets.

Check out the Memorial Day sale on Bellefits bundles here, where you will save $40 AND 40% off of your purchase. As an added bonus, shipping is also free if you USPS.

Are you familiar with the Bellefit brand? What tips would you share with first time users? I’ll update this post with pictures as soon as mine arrives!

*I receive no compensation or benefits from Bellefit for this post.