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Your MeeMaw Has a Favorite Song. It Might Interest You To Find Out What It Is.

At 8:15 every morning I take a water aerobics class because Big Girls need fitness too. And because while my breasts are cumbersome, vexing impediments to my speed while on land, they make excellent built-in flotation devices. Buoyant things, those GGs. https://tenor.com/view/safety-tips-safety-demonstration-life-vest-life-jacket-life-jackets-gif-14059253 Live footage of…

Bellefit is having a 40% off Sale

Do you suffer from Diastasis Recti? Has childbirth left your belly looking like it got a 50% score on the attempt? Do you have so much muffin top that people mistake you for a walking Pillsbury ad? No? Then you can skip this post. The…