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Remembering A Friend For Whom The Rainbow Was Enuf

TW: This post discusses themes surrounding mental health issues, suicide and coping strategies to address each. If you or someone you love has considered therapy, there are numerous resources such as the American Psychiatric Association, Betterhelp.com or the AACC available to assist you. A part…

The House That Sexism Built

One of the many pleasures of living on the Garden Route is access to miles and miles of gorgeous, pristine coastline. The beauty of the Eden District cannot be adequately described with words. It is exquisite, yet does not come without its flaws. As anyone…

Ancestral Fried Chicken

Upon entering the APEX Museum in Atlanta, GA, visitors are exhorted to remember that African/Black American history does not begin with slavery or colonization: these were interruptions to our history. That particular notion should be intuitive enough that it ought not require a reminder or…

‘Like Cotton Twines’ Is A Stitch in Time

Imagine someone in your family committed a horrible crime. Perhaps your uncle committed adultery or your father murdered a man and buried his body in a shallow grave. Such crimes cannot go disregarded or unpunished. Society would descend into anarchy and chaos would govern. The…