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The Secret Life of Flies

I killed a fly this morning. I don’t know about you, but there’s something refreshing about confessing one’s insecticidal tendencies. I feel cleansed. So yeah, I killed him. (FYI: All insects are male.) Big ol’, blue bottle, buzzin’ bugger. He was sitting on my windowsill…

Remembering A Friend For Whom The Rainbow Was Enuf

TW: This post discusses themes surrounding mental health issues, suicide and coping strategies to address each. If you or someone you love has considered therapy, there are numerous resources such as the American Psychiatric Association, Betterhelp.com or the AACC available to assist you. A part…

The House That Sexism Built

One of the many pleasures of living on the Garden Route is access to miles and miles of gorgeous, pristine coastline. The beauty of the Eden District cannot be adequately described with words. It is exquisite, yet does not come without its flaws. As anyone…