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FlashStraps: Asantewaa


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Asantewaa: Red, named after the warrior Queen Mother of Ejisu, Yaa Asantewaa, representing an indomitable and fierce spirit.

Looking to add a pop of color and culture to your wardrobe in a flash? Look no further than FlashStraps!

FlashStraps are made with 100% cotton shweshwe (pronounced shway-shway), South Africa’s iconic fabric. Favored by the late anti-apartheid fighter and eventual president Nelson Mandela. shweshwe is fast gaining global recognition and popularity.

Shweshwe forms the basis of traditional Xhosa attire, and has a long and complex history stretching back 2,000 years to trading activities with Arabs and Indians who are rumored to have bartered indigo cloth with the Xhosas in exchange for local goods. The fabric was re-introduced to the region in the 1800s by German settlers who imported it from India as a trade stable. It has been a part of ready to wear and couture fashion ever since.

Informed by the past, inspired by the future.

FlashStraps infuses this rich history with our motto: Inspired by the past, informed by the future. The inaugural line includes four colors, each representing and named for the character traits of my children.





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