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He Calls Me Abeenah Ghyay-kay

LeVar Burton is my Reading Rainbae, and yesterday he said my name during his live Twitter reading session! LeVar Burton needs no introduction, but in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 40 years, here’s a quick introduction. The acclaimed actor, producer,…

My 40s Are Kicking My Ass

Hi. Hey. Happy New Year and so forth. I really wish that I could’ve titled this piece something a little more genteel to suit you all’s fragile sensibilities, but that’s the plain truth: My 40s are kicking the crap outta me. I actually began writing…

The Mind Of Malaka: A Decade In Retrospect

Today is the 23rd of November, 2019, and officially marks the tenth year since the creation of MOM. ...I know, right? How many cell phones have you powered through in that amount of time. I almost didn’t acknowledge this milestone, but my BFFFL – Nana…

Your MeeMaw Has a Favorite Song. It Might Interest You To Find Out What It Is.

At 8:15 every morning I take a water aerobics class because Big Girls need fitness too. And because while my breasts are cumbersome, vexing impediments to my speed while on land, they make excellent built-in flotation devices. Buoyant things, those GGs. https://tenor.com/view/safety-tips-safety-demonstration-life-vest-life-jacket-life-jackets-gif-14059253 Live footage of…