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You know how stuff happens in real life and you have to ask yourself “Did that just happen?” This section is dedicated to those moments.

Thuggin’ It: Asians Want Diversity in Representation in Film Too

The countdown to my departure from the ATL has officially begun with less than a fortnight until we leave the place I have called home for 17 years, possibly for good. There is SO much I have left undiscovered in Atlanta, so many experiences I promised myself I would “get to eventually”. Between mothering and the constant need to avoid traffic on 285/85/20/400, or any tarred surfaces in the metropolitan area, I never gathered the motivation or strength to fulfill this promise; but nothing compels you to action like a ticking clock, does it? For the next few days, I’ve decided to visit famous landmarks and venues in my fair city that I’ve hitherto left unexplored.

A friend recently and suddenly found herself with lots of free time after being “promoted to customer” after years of faithful service to her company (an experience every Atlanta native and trnsplant has in common), and availed herself as my traveling companion for today’s quest. Our quarry: The studio of one of the world’s most famous filmmakers. The address of this studio is unpublished, so it took some sleuthing to unearth its location.

And guess what?

We did it. There is no greater sleuthhound than a woman with spare time on her hands.

We approached the gate and smiled at the security guard, fully expecting that a flash of our teeth would grant us entrance.

“The studio isn’t open for tours yet,” he informed us. “There’s still a lot of construction going on.”

We asked if we could just drive around the lot to see the outside of the buildings.

“No,” he said cordially, but with finality.

He didn’t care if I was moving to South Africa, or that I would never EVER be back in Atlanta again (which obviously isn’t true. My stuff is still in storage here.), he couldn’t let us onto the premises. Unless…

“Unless you’re extras for the show that’s being filmed today. These are the cars I’m letting through.”

Excited, we asked where we could apply. The web address he gave us was – which is a chemical/light industrial manufacturing company instead of to the casting company.

If he was trying to throw us off the scent, he failed miserably! We sauntered into the casting director’s check-in which I spied at the corner of the entrance to acquire accurate information. On the way in, my friend struck up a conversation with an Asian woman who looked like she was of Korean descent, based on her bone structure. She was wearing a casting badge. SHE had access.

She was nice enough to give us information on which sites to visit to become an extra and told us how much pay you could expect. Neither of us was there to get paid – we just wanted to tour the site – but if that tour just mistakenly included a per diem, who were we to refuse?

“What show are you an extra on?” we asked.

“I actually play a detective,” the woman replied. “I can’t tell you which show it’s for though.

“A detective!” we exclaimed in unison. “How cool is THAT?”

She laughed and replied with a wry smile, “Yeah…typical Asian role. You know: detective, doctor, lab technician…”

“Better that than a thug or a prisoner,” I said. “That’s all WE would ever get cast for.” I pointed at my friend in our (coincidentally) matching black t-shirts.

“But you know what? I would love that. I would love to play a thug.”

Her English was still heavily accented, betraying what I’m sure is a recent immigration experience. I was gobsmacked. This woman – this petite, lithe and prim, ASIAN woman wanted to play at thug in some point in her thespian career? Who would’ve thunk it?

As they say in the old country: Getting-getting no want, wanting-wanting no get.

My friend and I hastily took pictures on our cell phones and sent them off to the casting director’s email. Our new acquaintance wished us luck and then disappeared into the hallowed building. Naturally, we didn’t expect to get approved at that moment (The casting agency never got back with either of us at all. Shocking!), so we went down to a local bar-b-q shack to eat pulled pork sandwiches and live out our fat girl dreams and recount the day’s mini adventure.

B.D. Wong plays special Agent George Huang on SVU Source: ©2002 Universal Network Television, LLC. All rights reserved.

B.D. Wong plays special Agent George Huang on SVU
Source: ©2002 Universal Network Television, LLC. All rights reserved.

I was still in awe that an Asian woman would harbor a desire to portray an image that is so completely opposite of what we perceive as “typically Asian” in America. And yet, she made an important point, indirectly: Asians – just like all people of color – are poorly represented in the mainstream (and independent) media… or at least their portrayals are limited in scope. Are there Asian drug dealers and inmates and morally bankrupt fiends of all kinds? Absolutely! But if you want to catch such diversity of character you’ll have to check out a film produced in Hong Kong and suffer through the subtitles. There are no Asian thugs in American film – only math sorcerers and psych wizards.

Oftentimes when we think of the term diversity in film, we think Black and/or gay before we think Native American, Arab or Asian. The former are generally the loudest voices in the cry for diversity and therefore get the most representation, albeit miniscule. If it weren’t for the likes of Amy Tan, Mindy Kaling and Ang Lee there would hardly be any representation of the modern Asian in either film or print at all. Most of their stories would be told from antiquity’s vantage point, where sword-wielding warriors can fly and centuries-old sages emerge from their hermitage in order to tutor a new pupil upon whose shoulders it falls to defeat some despicable enemy. Which is all great – it’s just not the reality that the average person living in 2016 experiences.

The twisted irony is that for big budget films like Dr. Strange and The Last Airbender – films centering on Asian characters, lore and settings – the leads are white (because only white people can be anything). Except for when the lead is a villain. Then we need someone a leeeettle darker to play that part. The bad guy is always dark skinned.


A user on Twitter recently noted that Hollywood loves Asian stories…as long as Asians don’t portray themselves in those stories. But that’s the good news! Asian actors are more than ready to branch out! Hollywood: Are you listening? Asians want to thug it up too. Thugging knows no race or gender.


What race or nationality do you associate with? Are you often stereotyped as one way and wish you could see yourself in pop culture another? Like, do you wish there were more Jewish pimps and hustlers on late night TV? Discuss!


Spreading Love for International Women’s Month

Hi MOM Squad!

As you know, March is international women’s month and I’m inviting you to join me in celebrating sisterhood and recognizing phenomenal women (like yourself) with the #SisterhoodMatters campaign! #SisterhoodMatters is a fun, simple and meaningful way to say thank you to the women and sisters who have stood by and supported us. By participating, you help us showcase how beautiful sisterhood is, while encouraging women to really support one another. All you have to do is:

1. Find a photo of yourself and a woman in your life who supports, impacts, and/or inspires you

2. Write a short message to accompany the photo using one of the following: #SisterhoodMatters to me because…. Describe how your sister supports or inspires you and include the hashtag #SisterhoodMatters in your message You can come up with your own message, but make sure the hashtag #SisterhoodMatters is in there

3. Publish your photo and message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ using the hashtag #SisterhoodMatters. OR Email the photo and message to with your name, location, and subject heading “SisterhoodMatters” and we will post it online on your behalf via Circumspecte’s social media platforms!

4. Tag @Circumspecte_ and @AuntieOboshie if you or the person you are celebrating is in Ghana. You will be entered into a weekly raffle giveaway with prizes from Fabulously Fit & Fine, Green Basket, Auntie Oboshie and Circumspecte. You could also make it onto the guest list for an exclusive event on Saturday, April 2, 2016.

5. Invite at least three other women anywhere in the world to celebrate sisterhood and sisters. You can copy and paste this message. Don’t forget to change the name of the recipient.

6. Repeat as many times as you like to make the sisters and women in your life feel extra special! Questions? Email

That’s it! Are you ready? Let’s spread some sisterly love!



How Nicole Amarteifio and ‘An African City’ Made a Daydream of Mine Come True

Back when I was binge watching episodes of ‘Scandal’ – after coming to the party two years too late – I remember sighing with relief when Olivia took Jake’s hand and finally decided to run away with him in order to “live in the sun”. All this Fitz and DC political stress was just too much! I wanted Kerry to have some peace. But where would that leave the show and the rest of the Gladiators, I wondered? How could Kerry Washington abandon them?!? Would she send IMs or post cards? Thanks to the power of Hulu, I didn’t have to wait to find out. I dove into the next season headfirst.

So there was Olivia/Kerry, sunning herself on the beach, clad in a gorgeous white halter swimsuit, sipping on ice water and staring out into the endless blue horizon. The wind played with her curls. Her lips were parted, as though she were anticipating something. (Kerry’s lips are always parted in anticipation. I love that about her mouth. That, and the way she says ‘NO’.) Next to her drink sat a book: Gone Girl. The camera panned on it for a while before cutting Jake who had suddenly materialized and bent down to greet her with a kiss.



In that few seconds, I shifted from a voracious ‘Scandal’ consumer to an affected author, impressed by what those few seconds must have meant to (and for) Gillian Flynn, the book’s author. The exposure the book got in those few seconds was unquantifiable! (Challenge to my friends who work in the field of valuation. Pull out your Hogwarts wands and try to work out the worth of that incident if you can!)

As I suspected, sales of Gone Girl received a bump in the weeks following that brief moment of exposure. But in that moment, I only had one thought…and it wasn’t about book sales.



Man, I said to myself, I would love to see one of my books in a television star’s hands one day. How cool would that be?

And then I left the thought at that. Guess what happened almost a year and a half after I had that internal dialogue? Wait!! No, no… don’t guess! Let me tell you!

I was on Instagram yesterday when I received a private message from a friend whose name translates as  “a glow” from our local language. She said:

“Not a very clear shot, but isn’t that a copy of Daughters of Swallows on ‘An African City’?”

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.02.32 PM

Well daggonit if it wasn’t! I was amazed…even more amazed that my glittering friend had recognized it so quickly. Well spotted, Glow.

So let me tell you what you’re looking at if you’re unfamiliar with the show. This is Nana Yaa, the lead character on An African City, played by MaameYaa Boafo. She’s obviously in her bed…alone. There may be a dude about to pop over for a quick shag or snake his way uninvited into her room from the balcony. I don’t know – and you never know with An African City. (I haven’t watched Season 2 yet.) But whatever. The point is Nana Yaa is in her bed, with MY book in her hands on what is arguably one of the most popular web series in existence today, in Africa or otherwise. A fleeting thought – a daydream had actually come true!

I had no idea that the show’s creator (Nicole Amarteifio) was going to incorporate Daughters of Swallows as a prop in the story line. A few folks have asked me about the legality of using my books image without my consent or permission. My answer is I don’t know and I don’t care. Nana Yaa could have flung the book away from her in disgust and declared that “Daughters of Swallows is boo boo and I can’t believe I wasted unrecoverable hours of my life reading it!” before filing her nails and guzzling a liter of wine to soothe her aggravated senses. I wouldn’t have cared.

Because there is/was MY book.

On the screen.

Just as I hoped it might be one day, once upon a dream.

Thank you, Nicole, cast and crew of An African City for making this fantasy a reality – and most important of all, thank you GlowY for bringing it to my attention.😉

Now lets see if I can dream up three million dollars in sales…


Daughters of Swallows is available on Storefoundry, Amazon and Barnes and

The Most Impactful Moments of 2015

2015 will end in just two days. Incredible! It feels as though it was just a few weeks ago that we were doubled over in laughter in response to Two Thoozin’s hopes and prayers that “evultin will be vibely on Nachurrr Gawd!” – and yet a whole year has gone by!

This year has been fraught with memorable events, both good and bad. Personally, 2015 marked what I consider the best year of my life to date. I mean that earnestly. I connected with wonderful people, achieved an astounding number of professional and personal goals, and finally experienced what it was like to walk in divine favor. I believe these successes had a lot to do with my decision to choose to be more selfish this year. I wouldn’t consider myself a “people pleaser”, but I do acknowledge I have a near uncontrollable propensity to come to the ready rescue of others; whether they deserve it or not, whether I am fully equipped to “save” them or not. This has repeatedly cost me heartache and money in the past, and this year I just said “NO!” to all of it. It is the first time in my life I have felt empowered and comfortable with saying “no”. Those “nos” also affected what I decided to write about. I chose less weighty topics for the majority of the year, and it’s done wonders for my psyche and my spiritual health.

I have not yet decided if I will return to fighting form in 2016. Honestly, I’m a little scared to.

And I got to focus on writing and completing a bunch of books!

Plus, I got to focus on writing and completing a bunch of books!

But this post isn’t about my year. It’s about our year as an online family! I’ve asked a number of you to share what you consider to be your most impactful moments of the year and have compiled them here. I have to say, I agree with ALL of them. Some were amusing, others disturbing, some soul-rending and all of them truly stirring. So without further ado, I present to you – in no particular order – the most important moments of 2015, according to the MOM Squad!


Social/Political Moments

The Circumstances Surrounding Sandra Bland’s Death: Sandra Bland’s death (some say murder) rocked the conscience of the entire nation. It set us ill at ease. Sandy is but one of many persons of color who lost their lives to police brutality under suspicious circumstances. We were left feeling less safe; more certain that we are being hunted in this country. It didn’t matter that she was “woke”, or knew her rights, or that she hadn’t committed a crime other than resisting arrest while not being under arrest in the first place…she still ended up dead in a rural Texas jail cell. Never forget Sandra Bland.


Key & Peele Perform Negro Town Skit: Like 2014 (and 2013 and 2012 and…1643), 2015 saw its fair share of public executions of unarmed citizens. Through it all, we used music and/or comedy as a balm to soothe a never healing wound. Often criticized for their failure to/fear of addressing brutality against the Black community specifically, comedy duo Key & Peele ended the five year run of their show with a sketch called Negro Town, a brilliant response to the many ills affecting the Black community frequently wrought by racism. Hilarity did ensue. We were comforted, grateful…even hopeful. A couple of us are still trying to navigate our way to this fabled town.

POTUS pop off play list: Please…! Don’t pop off about President Obama’s response to ISIS or any policies regarding it unless you have some alternatives. If not, get ready for that clapback!

100 Black Pastors shame us: This was a low moment for the Kingdom of God and all who call themselves sons and daughters of the King. 100+/- Black clergymen and women pledged to endorse a hate-mongering bigot and wearer of a strange hairdo. Yes, we are talking about Black pastors who publicly support Donald Trump for no discernible reason other than the fact that he “can’t be bought”.


Judas tried to return his 30 pieces of silver after betraying Jesus, and for a moment, he couldn’t be “bought” either. My Lord n’ Savior still ended up battered on the cross though.


Music and Entertainment

indexReggie and Bollie nearly win X Factor: Ghanaian music duo Reggie and Bollie catapulted themselves to international fame on the sheer power of vim and determination. While energetic and wildly entertaining, it can’t be claimed that the beloved pair are musically gifted or truly possess any musical talent. They are, however, the ultimate live performers. And they nearly succeeded in carrying out the ultimate coup – and borga fantasy – when they came dangerously close to winning the top spot on the popular English TV show, X Factor. Vim!

Viola Davis’ Harriet Tubman quote at the Emmys: This moment was the epitome of Black Girl MAGIC!!! You hear??? Everything about this moment was magical – from her dress, to her hair, to Taraji leaping from her seat and bearing Viola up with the sister love of the ancients. Just…just watch it again. Relive the moment and fall back in love.

Jem Movie Boycott: I have never seen another movie so roundly rejected. Have you? This movie was doomed to fail from the moment they released the trailer depicting Synergy as an iPhone accessory instead of the intricate holographic program she was designed to function as. There was no saving this film. The words “source material” and “fraud” were bandied about with good reason: the Jem movie offered the ultimate disrespect to all who grew up with and loved the show. The boycott was proof that Hollywood should refrain from screwing with iconic characters, especially if they are female. May the sales numbers serve as a warning – a proverbial head on a spike to all who dare to screw with Jem (or My Little Pony or Punky Brewster) in the future!


The Hamiltones Sing the Hits: God bless Anthony Hamilton and the Hamiltones for sprinkling Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and bacon grease on these pop hits and making them even Blacker and better. Genius!

Wizkid, Drake, Skepta ‘Ojuelegba’ Mix: For as long as anyone can remember, there has been tension between Africans in the Diaspora and those on the Continent, despite the intermittent spurts of effort to reverse that trend. (Think Nkrumah, Ali, Mandela, Maya n’ dem.) This year, the author of a certain article went further in flaming the fans of unnecessary tension by claiming that Blacks in the Diaspora and African Americans (in particular) ought to stop “appropriating” African culture, because reasons. But in all that noise and clamor, 3 artists quietly collaborated to reprise Nigerian hit-maker Wizkid’s Ojuelegba in a stunning mix of simple creativity and cross-cultural partnership that hasn’t been witnessed in recent history. Naija, UK and Canada one track? Come ON, now!

Pop Culture

Walaba U Girl: This child singlehandedly got an entire nation to look within, reflect and ask their neighbor/hater to do the same with the repeating of one, singular, probing question: Walaba yew?

The Wiz Live: We needed The Wiz, and we needed it at the moment that it aired. We needed to see a star being born. We needed all that Black Excellence on screen and in our homes, and on a mainstream platform. The Wiz Live is/was our crown jewel this year. Watching it with all of America felt like being in a giant living room, filled with love. We needed that moment of unity, even if it came with 4,000 commercials between scenes and a few dozen inbred racist Twitter trolls.


Patti Pies: Unknown to the rest of the world, Miss Patti Labelle’s sweet potato pies had been on shelves at Walmart for months with tepid sales. Then a little known backup/jingle singer named James Wright Chanel did a review that went viral and one Patti Pie was sold per second for 72 consecutive hours, netting just under $1 million. On that weekend. Never underestimate the power of your voice and a bedazzled hat.

Adele’s Comeback with ‘Hello’ and all the Parodies that Ensued:

Black Twitter featuring #ThanksgivingClapBack, #AskRkelly #masculinitysofragile #BlackLivesMatter #YouOKSis: As Black Twitter is not done doing the Lawd’s work as 2015 has not yet come to a close. In the meantime, I invite you to get online and check out these and other hashtags for yourself in order to witness the glory!

Rachel Dolezal makes ‘Transracial’ a thing: This chick doesn’t deserve any of our energy, and yet, here we are. That’s all I have to say about that.



Events Shaking Africa

john-boyegaJohn Boyega: Young Mr. Boyega is doing the entire continent proud, and is the latest centurion to join the Nigerian Actor/Mogul World Domination Force (NAMWoDomF). We’re looking forward to seeing what he does in his career in the future!

_82760522_027049507-1Burundi: The violence that has broken out in Burundi – a nation that has already seen its fair share – has all of us watching nervously and waiting.




Nelson Baani loses Parliamentary Seat: Known as the ‘Sharia MP’, the man who proposed stoning adulterous women as recompense for cheating on their husbands in 2014 lost his re-election bid almost to the day his absurd utterances came to light. Karma is sweet.


Burkina Faso has issued an international arrest warrant for ousted leader Blaise Compaore in connection with the murder of former President Thomas Sankara. Sankara’s death has never been properly investigated, nor justice done on his behalf. This is a day many Africans have waited for for decades.

Africa Trumps Ebola and Sends it to America: This isn’t something to celebrate. This is actually very serious. Considering that Republicans (and closeted racist Democrats) lobbied hard to close off Africa while this disease ravaged an entire region, but then ended up having Ebola resurface in the US by proxy of American carriers was the ultimate boomerang.

KpyRymuOStoreFoundry rips up the online merchant game in Ghana: There’s not much else to say about this. SF is KILLING the game! And if the competition doesn’t get their act together, they will find themselves a distant third in the POS market. (Of course, I confess I’m biased, because they serve as my exclusive online retailer on the Continent.🙂 )


Kantanka-SUVKantanka Cars Available for Commercial Sale: At long last: Cars made in Ghana for the Ghanaian market (and hopefully, beyond). What’s not to love?! Let’s hope 2016 sees this pioneer building a website as part of their brand marketing. I mean…because it’s 2016.




Serena Williams: A picture is worth ALL my words.


Biggest upset of the year: Rhonda Rousey got the smack smacked out of her by a woman who seemed to rise out of the mist like a phantom. In the biggest upset in women’s MMA history Holly Holm handily handed Rhonda Rousey her ass. With a kick to the neck. It was unbelievable. I don’t think Rhonda still believes it.



The Heavens Unify the Globe

The world gathered to see the Blood Moon: This was my personal favorite moment of all of 2015. The entire world gathered to watch a historic cosmic event, and for those few hours, we weren’t Christians or Muslims or atheists or pro-gun or anti-abortion. We were just human beings trying (in vain depending on geography) to get a glimpse of a rare blood moon on a cloudy night. Many of us had to rely on technology to get a glimpse. (That’s how I got this shot.)

We congregated in awed silence to witness nature’s majesty…and for those few hours, nothing else mattered: Not our political positions, not our race, not what the Kardashians were wearing to their weekly anal bleaching session.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 5.50.09 PM

It was a monumental moment of unity, and it gave me shivers.



We all lost a number of good friends, family, villains and heroes this year. Not wanting to claim that the passing of some people is/was of more importance than others, I opted not list any names out of respect for all. Most will be missed dearly. Other people left the Earth in a better (happier) position with their passing. That’s our reality. If you lost a loved one this year, may fond memories of them forever live in your heart.


What were your favorite moments of 2015? Did this year turn out the way you had hoped, or better?

Well, this is my last post for the year! What will be your last comment? Here’s to a healthy, prosperous, fulfilled 2016, MOM Squad! You all mean the world to me.



Let Your Haters be Your Progress Gauges

When I moved to Atlanta at the turn of the century, I used to ride the MARTA, switch on my Walkman and listen to the city’s favorite radio station: V-103. Everyone who was anyone that mattered (as far as the world of urban radio was concerned) worked at V-103. Frank Ski, Wanda, Ryan, Portia Foxx. Of the entire crew, Ryan Cameron was my absolute favorite. The man is the emperor of clowns. His inflection, intonation and his reactions and remarks to even the most mundane events left me and half the city in stitches.

Frank and Wanda were a’ight.

Portia Foxx was a’ight too. Something about her voice rubbed me the wrong way. It was a little too soothing… like Kathy Bates with a sledge hammer in that scene from Misery. I didn’t trust Ms. Foxx; not one iota. Nevertheless, there is one thing I appreciated about her presence on the radio, and that was her signature tag line/motto: “Let your haters be your motivators”. Though she went off V-103 in 2004, we in the Atlanta community still quote and live by those words today!

When I first heard the phrase “let your haters be your motivators”, I must admit I harbored a certain level of ambivalence towards the sentiment. I was fresh out of college, just interacting with the world independently for the first time, and therefore wanted everyone to like me…or at least not hate me. Neutral indifference I could handle. But hatred? Now way. So why were all these people who were calling into the radio station talking about their haters? And furthermore, why was Ms. Foxx facilitating a platform on which to “celebrate” this hateration? Well as they say, small girls are young and now that I’m a full grown woman, I understand the value of the proverbial hater.


The idea that one should make their haters – or detractors, if you will – their motivators is not a new one. The sentiment is actually expressed throughout the bible. You just have to decode it. For instance, both books of Samuel are almost completely dedicated to chronicling one dude’s (Saul) ultimate quest to hate on another dude(David) and how the latter spent his entire life circumventing or triumphing over those hate-fueled attempts. We credit David for the book of Psalms, but what are David’s Psalms without the influence of Saul’s many micro aggressions and/or bodily threats, aka hate?


Now that I understand the importance of the hater, I would take the idea of letting them serve as motivation a step further and add that one’s haters must also work in the capacity of your progress gauges. Look at the caliber of your average hater and allow that to serve as an indicator for how far you’ve come.

For instance, I was talking to a young man ago about this very thing. He is a recent acquaintance and is one of those guys who has set himself on a course to receive “everything” in life. He’s building a strong business, he’s talking to people about investing in future ventures, he has a beautiful, smart fiancé, he’s well-traveled and he’s only in his early 20’s. He’s on the track to becoming one of Forbes celebrated 30 under 30 or some such similar list in a similar publication. During our chat, he confided in me that his business (let’s call it the Lemonade Stand for for) has yanked quite a bit of market share from indirect competitors.

“When I set up the Lemonade Stand, we were literally begging people to give us a try. I said if I had 20 customers at the end of 2015, I’d be happy.”

“And how many do you have now?”

“Close to 200,” he replied. “And we’re getting requests from all over the continent to be a part of the Lemonade Stand.”

“That’s great! How has this impacted you personally?”

“Well…it’s interesting. Now that the Lemonade Stand is on the scene, the Ice Cream Stand is struggling because we’ve taken so many of their best customers. They’ve actually set out to destroy me.”

I was shocked. I know the Ice Cream Stand’s reputation and they are HUGE. They’ve had a stranglehold on the market for close to five years now.

“Dude. That’s amazing…but why are they mad at YOU? They sell ice cream. Sure, they’re both cold and sweet, but that aside, neither product is even remotely similar!”

He went on the confide that not only is the Ice Cream Stand out for his blood, but so are the Library and the Auto Repair Shop. His Lemonade Stand has siphoned business from them as well. This is where I got excited.

“You do of course realize that you have entered a whole different realm of influence, right? If within less than a year of operation you’ve been able to fulfill the needs of all these customers, the so-called titans of industry were not truly doing their duty in servicing a segment of the customer base that relies on their product and services. This is HUGE for you.”

He agreed that it was indeed a big deal (and somewhat flattering) to have this class of hater working against him, however with what he has in mind for Lemonade development, he will leave his competition bloodied and in the dust.

“They’re still thinking about meeting current market trends. I’m looking to create market trends,” he said simply.

crunk juice

Well dag.

I took what he said to heart, and now I’m not just assessing my progress as a writer/mother/kung fu aficionado but also looking at the quality and class of individual criticizing my work as well. I advise you to do the same. For instance, if you are accustomed to that one underachieving account manager on your job taking stabs at you for the quality of your work and NO ONE else taking notice of what you do, it’s time to up your game and expand your influence. Get your work in front of someone who matters…someone who signs your check, for instance. Produce work that rivals theirs at their level. Whether they become a hater – in the hood sense of the word- is really up to them (they could turn out to be a congratulator), but at least you’ll know you’re operating in a different league. A better league. A stronger league!

As the old Bahamian saying goes: A dog only barks at a moving car. So get moving and take off at light speed! You are jollof rice. Don’t let white rice talk to you like you are supposed to remain on its level. Conduct yourself accordingly!



Don’t forget! Madness & Tea is coming out on Christmas Day! Check back here for details on how to get your free copy!

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 12.20.34 PM

What Possible Motivation Could That Many Black People Have for Locking Themselves in a Room with Donald Trump?

Like many Black folk around the world, I find myself puzzled by what happened at Trump Towers this week. We want to know how did so many Black clergymen and women find themselves willingly meeting with Donald Trump in support of his bid for president? And furthermore, what was the purpose of mingling with a man who represents the very opposite of Christ’s principles? I’ve been watching videos and reading reports all over the web in a search for answers, and I have to admit that so far, nothing is making any real sense.

Rev. Darrell Scott, senior pastor of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights and ardent Trump supporter said that those in the Trump boardroom “made history” that day. I watched as his face contorted with angst and indignation as he recounted the many wrongs and “mis-characterizations” that the liberal media had levied against Donald Trump, whom they have portrayed as someone that he personally knows not to be. If you were looking for a real life example of a Stephen-Massa Candy relationship, you’ve found it. The good reverend is clearly enamored with Mr. Trump’s wealth and ego. Not all historic events are to be lauded. The Holocaust was historic. The trans-Atlantic slave trade was historic. The first time anyone put ketchup on eggs, it was historic. It doesn’t make it right or beneficial to the rest of humanity.

Rev. Darrell Scott, senior pastor of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights (R) and Republican Candidate Donald Trump speak to the press after meetings with prominent African American clerics at Trump Tower in New York November 30 ,2015. AFP PHOTO / TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / TIMOTHY A. CLARY (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

Rev. Darrell Scott, senior pastor of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights (R) and Republican Candidate Donald Trump speak to the press after meetings with prominent African American clerics at Trump Tower in New York November 30 ,2015. AFP PHOTO / TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / TIMOTHY A. CLARY (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)



Roland Martin conducted an interview with Dr. Steve Parson, pastor of Richmond Christian Center. The dialogue was difficult to follow because the self-important doctor either didn’t have the decency or the wherewithal to silence his phone while he was on Skype with Roland. Audio interruptions aside, the entire conversation was a disaster, and if the rest of the world were to judge all Blacks and/or all Christians by Dr. Parson’s performance, we’d rightfully earn the moniker clueless. He was terribly unprepared to answers questions dispassionately or factually, but he did give an insight as to what may have motivated the attendance of these men and women of the cloth.

When asked by Roland about Trump’s proposals or ideas about education in the inner city, Dr. Parson smugly (and ramblingly) replied:

“Donald Trump isn’t talking about education where you sit in a classroom to go get a job to go work for someone else. He’s talking about an education where you create your own wealth and then create jobs for other people.”


And that’s all dandy. But you can’t create jobs for other people if you can’t read or add, and you certainly can’t hire people to work in your business if they come from socially depressed areas with schools that didn’t prepare them to read or add or speak eloquently or think critically or or or. If these postulations represent the meat of the meeting, then they are indeed the epitome of out of touch, pie-in-the-sky rhetoric. I have no problem if Donald Trump the civilian billionaire wants to build an academy teaching entrepreneurship to low income earners. That would be admirable and much needed. But for all of these Black men and women to clamor and flock at his polished Kenneth Cole soles in hopes that he would/could do something to change Black economic circumstance in the office of president is just foolhardy. For one thing, that kind of dependency is dangerous. If a president can give us those opportunities, a president can take them away. The Jews have changed their fortunes on their own, and so must we. Secondly, we see that the president has very little power (or interest) when it comes to Black/local affairs. Who has shown us that better than our current POTUS himself?

I will always recall with great disappointment and grief President Obama’s response to a query about what he would do to change the economic fortunes of African Americans – specifically – in this country. He said he wouldn’t do anything specific for African Americans because he believed “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Now, whether he was saying that to pander to broad based sympathies or if he actually believed it to be true, the point is that he is on record as having said it and has held true that philosophy. I only WISH President Obama had acknowledged that while this may be true, it is not feasible if one’s boat has had its engine repeatedly sabotaged, a hole blown in its hull and its repair crew members routinely slaughtered. Such a boat will always be destined to settle on the ocean’s floor, not matter the height of the tide. You’d have to be acquainted with the workings of boats to grasp this – and I DO believe that is what President Obama and these Trump sycophants have in common: they are ignorant of the Black condition in America.

In a Periscope event, Pastor Jamal Bryant called out a number of clergymen and women who were anticipated to endorse Donald Trump for president at this meeting, and I have to admit I watched the video with a racing heart and my breath caught in my chest. Yes, I was afraid my pastor’s name would be called; and though it would not have surprised me, it would have sent me scurrying over the toilet in a sick fury. The pastors/deacons/ministers in my church are good people, and are very much focused on racial reconciliation. However, because they’ve preached racial reconciliation for so long, they have found themselves completely distanced from the Black experience…or at least distanced in a meaningful way. This is why one of our pastors referred to inner city youth and minimum wage workers struggling to get by as “the lowly” and not “our brothers and sisters”. It is also why another pastor found herself in knots as she blamed President Obama for a woman for found her death at the hands of an ex-com whom he had pardoned earlier this year. I tried to be as patient as I could as I explained what probably happened.

“The truth is, though that guy may have gone in for a non-violent crime, there was no way he wasn’t going to emerge from prison as a violent individual. Everything in our prisons is solved by violence, from the way you’re fed, to how hierarchies work, to how you resolve the most minute issues.”

Of course, she and other pastors (like the 50-100 individuals who locked themselves in the room with Trump) wouldn’t know this because they expense more time praying for the “lowly” – at a safe distance – than listening to their real struggles in face to face conversation.

I don’t know why any pastor would endorse Donald Trump. Mr. Trump needs prayers, no doubt, but he is a petulant, self-absorbed, egoistical, unrepentant man who endorses violence and racial disharmony. Donald Trump is his own god. Have you ever heard him give honor to Christ for anything in his life? No. No you have not…at least not publicly. What could reside in this man that resonates with you as a pastor? The only thing I can conclude is that it must be his money – because the fact is, Donald Trump could NOT draw the type of crowds he’s been doing while earning $35K a year. He couldn’t say and do the things he’s done and continue to prosper. His wealth is the frequency that this lot have tuned in to. We all know that where there is a coin, you can find a group of Black people to sell the rest of us down the river.

Nothing else makes sense.

However, make no mistake: not ONE of these pastors represents the broad based needs of the Black community. Half of them are philanderers, adulterers and puffed with pride and barely represent Christ. As for this one, they will nevah prospah!



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What Countries Would You Like the Jollof Book Tour to Visit?

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No, these are not the ingredients for an abstract art project. These are just a few of the visual props used in Nnenna Marcia’s hilarious, disturbing and erotically bent book of short stories titled “West Africa Hot”. (If you haven’t picked it up yet because you’ve never heard of it, Google dey.)

And as some of you know, I dabble in romance (and occasionally, comedy)  as well so, Nnenna and I have decided it would be a capital idea to take this show on the road! But we need your help, Planeteers. Like Dora the Explorer, we’ll need a Map. Will you be our Map? It’s really simple. Just complete this poll and tell us WHERE in the world this duo should go on the Jollof Book Tour!

Now, you’re probably wondering “What in Heaven’s name is a Jollof Book Tour?” Well, given that Nnenna Marcia is Nigerian and I’m a hybrid Ghanaian and both of our countries are perpetually locked in a battle over whose jollof reigns supreme, we’ve decided to put our culinary differences aside for the purpose of solidarity. Jollof represents the best of  west Africa. The book tour features some of the best writers from west Africa. And if you boil jollof, they will come. You gerrit? Of course you do.


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