My Life is an Offence

I understand that by simply being born and making certain day-to-day decisions my life is a complete offence  to many extremist groups. And yeah, I said it: Y’all are EXTREMISTS. How have I harmed thee? Let me list the ways:

1. I love meat and I wear leather – Suck on that PETA (oh, and by the way, I don’t think Vick shoulda spent a day in jail over them dogs, when cops are shooting up Black men and everybody gets to go home scot-free).

2. I have 3 kids and one on the way. I reject the idea that abortion is a way to lift women/Blacks out of poverty. I love ALL my kids and am a better woman because of them – So kiss my fat Black arse, Planned Parenthood.

3. I have absolutely NO problem with letting my husband be a man…be MY man. We are not all created equal. He has a penis. I have a vagina. That’s not equal, and it’s not rocket science – So screw you N.O.W, you crazy feminist loons.

4. I love Jesus. I fear God. I want to live a life He’s pleased with. Period – Go to Hell, you clueless (and judgmental) aheist S.O.B’s. I suppose this would have been the time to offer prayer and love to all of y’all, but you don’t know how to receive either, so I’ll just save my energy for eating CHRISTmas cookies.

5. I watch and more importantly, like, Fox News. Bill O’Reilly is brilliant. MSNBC sucks. Keith Olberman is an imbecile. I can’t buy the liberal agenda. – Sorry Black folk. Heck, I lie. I’m NOT sorry.

6. I’m Black and to boot, I’m half African. I’m in this country legally. I have received a quality education and graduated from university with high honors. – Makes you mad, doesn’t it, you evil scum bag skin heads? My birth and my heritage is also an affront to regular whites, Hispanics, pretty much all Asians, Indians and even some Black folk. But I’se here! 🙂