55* Degree Weather

I’ve been in a funk for the last 3 months. The weather has been awful, it’s been ridiculously cold by Atlanta standards, the heat went out in our house, and I haven’t felt like leaving my tiny two-bedroom house – a two-bedroom house inhabited by five (count ’em, five) people.  To boot, I’ve had to contend with the punk-ass, bitch-ass, nigga-ass antics of my eldest child’s sire (getting a theme here? He’s an ASS) and his incessant court filings, so I admit I have not been the most pleasant person to be around.

This morning, as I was preparing my oldest for school, she asked “Mommy, is it going to be warm today?” (She just wanted to know because she’s been forbidden to wear dresses or skirts to school during these Nordic-like conditions.)

“I don’t know. Let me check the weather.”

What was going to be different? It had been bone chillingly cold since November. I flipped open my cell, checked the forecast, and to my eyes’ surprise beheld a beautiful sight: Sunny, High of 55*.


I raced to the kids’ bedroom and pulled out the pinkest, prettiest skirt I could find, complete with off-white tights.

“It’s gonna be warm today, Na!” I exclaimed. We danced a little jig and didn’t have a tiff on the  drive to school for the first time in weeks.

I resolved to take the younger kids to the library this morning, and that’s precisely what we did. We read books for an hour, had a snack and enjoyed the sunny ride home. If one of my little ‘angels’ hadn’t hidden my camera, I’d take a shot to show what I see outside: Clear blue skies, a bright golden sun, and a gang of black crows feasting on a dead squirrel in the yard.

Spring? Is that you??