Say what??

My Purple Pilgrimage

Next week, something will happen that I’ve been hoping and wishing for for over two decades. I’m going to see Prince live in concert!

A series of events have kept me from seeing The Purple One my whole life. Either I was too young, too far away (in Africa) or too broke to go see him in a town near me. Now, thanks to the Fabulous Dogooder, Bessie Winn-Afeku aka Akuba Sheen(!) I will be embarking on a pilgrimage to see my idol live and in person.

In preparation for this trip, I’ve begun to do some uncharacteristic things. I’ve begun drinking more water. I’ve put away my beloved Chick-fil-a sandwiches and started eating salads. I’ve remembered to take a vitamin virtually every morning since Marshall gave me the green light to drive to Raleigh to see the love of my life, and the man who shares two pulmonary chambers with my husband: Prince!

Prince is evidence that deep down, all women are lesbians. Let’s be honest, Prince is a lot like a chick. He’s very sparkly.  It doesn’t make any sense that a man so short and pretty (who undoubtedly smells awesome) with such perfect hair and a range that allows him to hit high soprano notes, should capture the affection of all women. I mean ALL kinds of women.He’s just so daggum…sexy. Ebei!

Let me tell you how sexy Prince is: I would do hurdles over The Rock, elbow past Morris Chestnut, head butt Idris Elba and take my husband out at the knees to get to Prince. The man is just too brilliant.

And talented!

What instrument can Prince not play? If you like, give him 2 spoons. He’ll create a symphony. Say: “Hey Prince, we only have two pieces of sandpaper…your band is stuck on I-95 in a blizzard. Can you still do the concert?”

“Yes,” he’d reply in his melodic baritone. “Bring me the sandpaper…and wood. I shall rub them together and create a feast of music.”

And then he would rock the crowd!

I’m breathless with anticipation. There’s so much more to tell you about my Purple Pilgrimage, so if you don’t like Prince, please don’t come back to M.O.M until March 25th…because until then, every day, all day, is about Prrrrriiiiiiince!!!!

Let’s go crazy!