Back To School, Back To Blogging

I didn’t think I was going to make it through the summer, and yet by some miracle I survived. If the frequency of my posts is any indication of the amount of personal time I had available to me, you will see it was not very much. I think I posted 4 articles all summer. I’m too ashamed to go back and look.

School started for my children today and with any luck, that event will truly mean a return to at least one hour of free time every day to write. I hope.

Man, what a summer though, huh?!? I mean there was so much we didn’t get to talk about MOM Squad. Gabby Douglass’ hair; the shooting in Colorado, Liya’s sugar fueled manic weekend in DC where she woke up naked, a pregnancy scare, my near fatal crash on Delta Airlines….gosh there’s so much to get to!

Okay so let’s get to it! I tossed a coin and it looks like the Colorado shooting tragedy is first in the line-up. Here we go MOM Squad. Andrew, Revived Africanna, African Mami, Ebenezer the Scrooge – especially you, David S – and all the people who read and never comment; I’ve missed you all terribly.

Do you believe me? I didn’t think so. But I did! 😉

  • sangima

    Gosh I was looking forward to a good read…

    • Sorry dear. I’m working on it. Gotta get up and get the kids ready. Working on a new Series. It’s called “Your grandma was a freak”. No no I’m kidding!

  • Missed reading this blog. Thought your kids kidnapped you and finally sent you to Ghana or sumting. Glad you are back

  • Nana A

    Malaka! Ah, I was so excited when I saw MOM in my inbox! You paa! In any case, welcome back!

    Anyway, you were in DC?????? I would have loved to see you and the gang. We set off on our own adventure in about 2 weeks. Kids will start school in Lagos on Sept. 5. I’ll let you know how that goes. Take care and love to all.

    • Ah. I thought you had transferred the whole gang to naija long t! I should have emailed you! Please let me know how that goes. Send them to private school, far away from Boko Haram. Those evil bastids. Smooches!

  • Calvin

    Ohh it feels really good to have you in my inbox. Actually, I had to convince myself I wasn’t auto deleted or sth (like some new rules passed on for MOM squad readers who don’t comment REGULARLY!!!) by visiting your page.

  • Ebenezer Mr Scrooge

    (Random Azontoesque Tune in the background)… MOMmy is back!!!! Ok… Bye… Oh and I just realised I’m probably racist… When I went over to see The Dark Knight Rises, I raised more than an EyeBrow, whenever I saw anyone in excess of Two Shades lighter than meself… Yup, I saw The Roots the week before…. (In the Governators Voice) I’ll be back!!!

  • siaj won

    Malaka,April is far away for an April were in DC????let’s do a mOM squad meet and greet next time.Back to school means one hour vacay every now and again for you..enjoy!

    • Gurl, Calgon takes me away an hour a day! Ha!!

      Yes ooo. I was in DC. I should have announced it so I could meet my people face to face! Next time I head north we’ll make better plans. It was a awesome trip. I love the capital.

  • Heyy!! I’m part of those who read but never comment x_x well in my defence I’ll balme it on the bad network (MTN nigeria). I love your posts and I look forward to every MOM mail! Are you by any chance nigerian? Or have any link to nigeria?

    • Oooo!!! MTN!!! Shame on you oooo!!!

      Well, I’m glad you came out of the shadows and triumphed over your network, my dear silent reader 🙂

      I am actually a Ghanaian, but I believe no matter who you are, you have a Nigerian connection. There are Nigerians in every corner of the globe. My best friend married one. My manager is a Nigerian. Hell, my great grandfather probably was half Nigerian and we just don’t know it yet..,