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Back To School, Back To Blogging

I didn’t think I was going to make it through the summer, and yet by some miracle I survived. If the frequency of my posts is any indication of the amount of personal time I had available to me, you will see it was not very much. I think I posted 4 articles all summer. I’m too ashamed to go back and look.

School started for my children today and with any luck, that event will truly mean a return to at least one hour of free time every day to write. I hope.

Man, what a summer though, huh?!? I mean there was so much we didn’t get to talk about MOM Squad. Gabby Douglass’ hair; the shooting in Colorado, Liya’s sugar fueled manic weekend in DC where she woke up naked, a pregnancy scare, my near fatal crash on Delta Airlines….gosh there’s so much to get to!

Okay so let’s get to it! I tossed a coin and it looks like the Colorado shooting tragedy is first in the line-up. Here we go MOM Squad. Andrew, Revived Africanna, African Mami, Ebenezer the Scrooge – especially you, David S – and all the people who read and never comment; I’ve missed you all terribly.

Do you believe me? I didn’t think so. But I did! 😉

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  1. sangima

    Gosh I was looking forward to a good read…

    • Malaka

      Sorry dear. I’m working on it. Gotta get up and get the kids ready. Working on a new Series. It’s called “Your grandma was a freak”. No no I’m kidding!

  2. Ms. Adwoa Dela (@RevivedAfrikana)

    Missed reading this blog. Thought your kids kidnapped you and finally sent you to Ghana or sumting. Glad you are back

  3. Nana A

    Malaka! Ah, I was so excited when I saw MOM in my inbox! You paa! In any case, welcome back!

    Anyway, you were in DC?????? I would have loved to see you and the gang. We set off on our own adventure in about 2 weeks. Kids will start school in Lagos on Sept. 5. I’ll let you know how that goes. Take care and love to all.

    • Malaka

      Ah. I thought you had transferred the whole gang to naija long t! I should have emailed you! Please let me know how that goes. Send them to private school, far away from Boko Haram. Those evil bastids. Smooches!

  4. Calvin

    Ohh it feels really good to have you in my inbox. Actually, I had to convince myself I wasn’t auto deleted or sth (like some new rules passed on for MOM squad readers who don’t comment REGULARLY!!!) by visiting your page.

  5. Ebenezer Mr Scrooge

    (Random Azontoesque Tune in the background)… MOMmy is back!!!! Ok… Bye… Oh and I just realised I’m probably racist… When I went over to see The Dark Knight Rises, I raised more than an EyeBrow, whenever I saw anyone in excess of Two Shades lighter than meself… Yup, I saw The Roots the week before…. (In the Governators Voice) I’ll be back!!!

  6. siaj won

    Malaka,April is far away for an April fool..you were in DC????let’s do a mOM squad meet and greet next time.Back to school means one hour vacay every now and again for you..enjoy!

    • Malaka

      Gurl, Calgon takes me away an hour a day! Ha!!

      Yes ooo. I was in DC. I should have announced it so I could meet my people face to face! Next time I head north we’ll make better plans. It was a awesome trip. I love the capital.

  7. Chiz

    Heyy!! I’m part of those who read but never comment x_x well in my defence I’ll balme it on the bad network (MTN nigeria). I love your posts and I look forward to every MOM mail! Are you by any chance nigerian? Or have any link to nigeria?

    • Malaka

      Oooo!!! MTN!!! Shame on you oooo!!!

      Well, I’m glad you came out of the shadows and triumphed over your network, my dear silent reader 🙂

      I am actually a Ghanaian, but I believe no matter who you are, you have a Nigerian connection. There are Nigerians in every corner of the globe. My best friend married one. My manager is a Nigerian. Hell, my great grandfather probably was half Nigerian and we just don’t know it yet..,

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