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I'm Absolutely Furious With Shirley, Leila And Nicole

I would have written a 1600 word post about my angst, but I have to run out and meet Akuba Sheen(!) for pancakes in 10 minutes.

Ghana will celebrate 60 years of independence in 2017. In 60 years, no one has dramatized the struggle that our people have gone through. Sure, there are loads of documentaries, but none that tell the personal stories of the selfless men and women who sacrificed life, limb and wealth to give us our freedom.

The time is now. I’m asking women in film to fix this before it’s too late. Lets gather these stories while those who lived to witness the events are still among us! Like I said, I have already volunteered to be the casting director. I must also contribute my quota, anaa?

Do you agree with me? Shouldn’t Ghana have a biopic about its birth done by now? And wouldn’t ANY of these ladies do a fabulous job at it? Look at the mastery Ava brought to ‘Selma’. Shirley is capable of that and more. We are waiting, y’all. Tick-tock, tick-tock!


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  1. Wesi

    It actually sounds like a great idea. Nigeria’s Half of a Yellow Sun was a really great depiction of our Civil War, something similar about our Independence may shed some light into why we are so dysfunctional right now!

    • Malaka

      Half of a Yellow Sun was everything. Nigerians get to have all the nice things in this life. It’s so unfair!

      Well, at least Ghanaians have (better) jollof.

      • Wesi

        LOL 🙂
        Maybe writing a great love story weaving your independence story around that may be a great start. If people love the book, then making the movie wont be that hard.
        Have you considered writing something like that?
        Chimamanda Adichie is lauded as Nigeria’s contemporary Chinua Achebe, so she sits in with the ‘masters of African literature’, so its intimidating company i know, but your passion for Ghana is contagious! WHo knows you might actually write the script for the movies and your friends will have no choice but to make it! 🙂

        • Malaka

          Oh no. That sounds absolutely DREADFUL. You know the rivalry between our two countries. I’m now going to write a love story so that people can say I’m mimicking Chimamanda? Heaven forbid! *breaks egg*

          No, no. I’ll have to write a Sci-fi plot and tie it into our independence somehow. Lol!

          One of the filmmakers I called out said she’s seen a pretty decent script come her way, incidentally. Hopefully, the magic of the universe will make all the dots connect and they can get it done!

  2. Beya

    I’ve never thought of the Independence story for film, but I’ve been wondering out loud why we haven’t had a Yaa Asantewaa biopic, or a Rise and Fall of the Ashanti Kingdom ( Kinda like the Chaka Zulu) movie. Just imagine what the Okomfo Anokye special effects would be like played out on a “real” movie budget!

    • Malaka

      Can you imagine it? The Golden Stool descending from above, the sword in the stone, Okomfo Anokye in all his glory?? It’s almost criminal that this hasn’t been done, particularly with all the technology we have available today! Ah well. We’ll just settle our sights on the next loan from India and call it an “economic achievement”, won’t we?

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