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GASP! How Could I Have Not Invited The MOM Squad to the Release of 'Madness & Tea'???

I repeat: How Could I Have Not Invited The MOM Squad to the Release of ‘Madness & Tea’???


Sooo…You all know I wrote a book (or five). I’ve told you about it, we’ve talked about it, now it’s time to party about it! Can you believe I told the Twitterverse and Facebookville, but never said a word on M.O.M.? Lawd ‘a mercy! I’m slipping. I’m trippin’!

Atlanta Squad, it would be my sincere pleasure and delight if you could join me this Friday at 5-7 pm at Coffee Bianco (1585 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell GA, 30076) for the launch of Madness & Tea…

…and Yaa Traps Death in a Basket

….and Sally and the Butterfly

…and Lover of Her Sole.

Why so much activity? Because I’ve never had a release party for any of the other titles, and all the girls deserve their shine, do they not? Yes. Yes they do.

How should you adorn yourself? You know me. Dress is casual cute; however if you feel the need to dress up in your best Mad Hatter gear or Marie Antoinette ball gown, let the Lord and the Force use you. Come t think of it, that seems like the right thing to do.

There will be cake.