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Is Tomi Lahren REALLY The Right Voice for White Moral Outrage?

Up until a few days ago, I had never heard of Tomi Lahren. Tomi is a conservative pundit who makes her living trolling Black pain and mining Black disenfranchisement for every cent its worth. She’s a worm who moisturizes herself in the tears of Black orphans. Just evil. Tomi uses Black culture, its heroes and its villains alike to provide herself with relevance. She and Piers Morgan – that unctuous British bigot – have that in common. Lahren currently works for the Blaze, but given the outrageous nature and asinine commentary on social events, it’s safe to bet that she’s jockeying for a position as one of the Fox News Blondes.

One of Tomi’s most recent targets was Jesse Williams…or specifically Jesse Williams’ acceptance speech at the BET awards. She asserted that BET was giving Mr. Williams a humanitarian award for spreading ‘racism and hatred’. Anyone with half a brain listening to that speech would never come to that conclusion…but we’re not dealing with someone operating with a full deck of cards. We’re working with Tomi Lahren. Watch her videos for yourself and see if I’m exaggerating! Every time I hear her voice, it’s like hearing human bone scrape against asphalt. Just torturous!

Anyway, this week, Ol’ Missy Lahren hopped onto her embossed leather soapbox with the intent of tackling the murder (and it was a murder) of Alton Sterling, who was selling CDs in front of convenience store when two cops tackled him and put 6 bullets in his back and chest. Her voice got thinner and thinner as she launched her high pitched whine about why Black folk have this penchant for turning criminals into martyrs, Alton Sterling being the latest. To demonstrate that society was better off without Alton Sterling’s existence, she offered the following tirade as evidence of his apparent unworthiness to live:

“Here’s what know about Sterling. Sterling was a registered sex offender. He was previously arrested for aggravated battery, criminal damage to property, unauthorized entry, domestic abuse/battery. In 2009 he was sentenced to 5 years in prison for marijuana possession and for carrying an illegal weapon with a controlled dangerous substance.”

I’m listening to and looking at this woman this woman rattle off all these “stats” on Alton Sterling, looking at her lips grow tighter and tighter as she screeches her faux outrage, and all I can think to myself is ‘Wow. This sounds like the average weekend itinerary from whatever trailer park you just extracted yourself from.’

What we ALSO know about Sterling’s sex offender registry is that his was 17 at the time and the girl he was engaging in sexual contact with was 15. Similarly, you may recall in 2003 when 17 year-old Genarlow Wilson was convicted and handed a 10-year prison sentence for having consensual oral sex with another teenager. I would imagine that there are many Altons and Gernalows unfairly charged and floating through the American justice system, thus providing harpies like Tomi Lahren the ammunition to deem these men’s lives worthless.

Everyone knows that Black people are handed harsher convictions by the criminal justice system for the same offenses that white Americans commit. The long-term repercussions for Black people are far more devastating than they are for white Americans. Study after study has proven this. Again in 2003, The American Journal of Sociology published the results of a matched-pair experiment in which the participants were split equally by race, black and white.

What the study revealed is that employers were more likely to call Whites with a criminal record (17% were offered an interview) than Blacks without a criminal record (14%). And while having a criminal background hurt all applicants’ chances of getting an interview, African Americans with a non-violent offense faced particularly dismal employment prospects.*

That’s important. But what’s more important is that Tomi Lahren is proof of this phenomenon herself. While this woman sits on TV night-after-night, delighting her bigoted viewers by insinuating that the deaths of these Black men, women and children at the hands of the police are somehow justified because of their criminal pasts, Ms. Lahren forgets that she has a past of her own that isn’t so squeaky clean. In a stunning turn of events, Tomi Lahren found herself exposed…by none other than Black Twirra.

Aubrih Stan, who goes by the handle @yauniexo had finally had enough. She exposed Tomi Lahren for the prostitute and shoplifter that she is and came with receipts. Twitter, who like Facebook, is deeply invested in preserving white integrity, deleted Aubrih’s tweets and from what I gathered, shut own her account for a time. But it was too late, because the innanets never forgets and the innanets makes copies. Within hours, everyone knew that Tomi Lahren had spent 14 years of her life whoring herself out for pay and stealing items from Target in 2008. And yet here she sits, with her own show on the Blaze. If all things were equal, we could call Ms. Lahren’s good fortune “the American Dream”…a dream that allows you to trade your nightmarish past bent over the arm of a sofa, sucking oily old-man-cock for a few 20-dollar bills for a lucrative career in media. In reality, it’s nothing more than White Privilege. I can’t think of any former hoes of color in this century (besides Mama Maya, God rest her) who the establishment would even let remotely close to becoming the voice of righteous indignation.

And don’t get me wrong. I do love my prostitutes. They have changed the course of history and affected social events from the days of the Rahab in Bible to Cardi B in 2016. And I applaud Tomi for having the strength to pursue that….career. It takes a great deal of inner fortitude to participant in the sort of anal play for pay that I’m certain her clients demanded of her. But is THIS REALLY the woman that hateful white America (and all you coons who cape for their cause) has chosen to be the voice of American morality? Because that’s what it comes down to in our society. If you’re Black and have any blemish in your past, you deserve to die at the hands of police. It doesn’t matter if you’re just walking home, or going for an afternoon drive, or selling CDs, or listening to loud music when you’re killed. It doesn’t matter that you weren’t engaging in criminal activity in the moment when you were killed. As long as you have a record, an infraction even as mundane as a trip to the principles office, you deserve death in this moment or the future.

Heaven forbid, we apply the same standards equally. Heaven forbid Tomi Lahren finds herself a victim of sexual assault. How callous and asinine would it be to say “Well, you know she’s be a whore for half her life. She deserved it.” No one deserves to be raped, just like no unarmed person deserves to be murdered by the police.

People like Tomi Lahren, who live high in their towers, made of ivory and glass shouldn’t let the altitude make them delusional. You can’t be a ho in a pencil heels lobbing grenades while you’re sitting on a drum of liquid nitrogen with your name on it. That’s just unwise. The last time I checked, prostitution and theft by taking were both criminal offenses in Amurrrca, Tomi.

Have you heard of Tomi Lahren? Do you find her as despicable as I do? Discuss!


*Source: thesocietypages.org

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  1. Biche | ChickAboutTown.com

    “No one deserves to be raped, just like no unarmed person deserves to be murdered by the police.”

    But wasn’t he armed, Malaka?

    • Malaka

      Now they have conflicting reports out there. One news site said it was keys in his pocket, not a gun.

      Also, some one made a good point. If the cops were called out because he was allegedly brandishing a weapon, why the sudden freak out? Why the surprise that he had a gun? Isn’t that why you were called to the scene?

      It doesn’t add up, Biche.

      • joshua

        also its an open carry state

      • Biche | ChickAboutTown.com

        It sure doesn’t. When I first came across the video on Instagram, I thought people were play acting trying to raise awareness about Black lives mattering and police brutality. It didn’t add up why someone already on the ground needed to be shot. And then I realized it was a real death that had been videotaped. So sad!

        • Giselle Miller

          Did you also notice that the cop yelled stay down after he’d pumped 3 shots in his chest? WHile he was trapped under a compact car? THis man was so eager to kill him that he fired TOO close to his partner. THat’s why you see the other cop roll over his body. There was no gfun because I watched him wiggle it out of the man’s pocket as he bled out.

    • Sarah

      Even if it was a gun in his pocket, he was literally pinned down with a knee on one arm (no gun in hand) while the other was held (no gun in hand). There is no justification for shooting him multiple times in the chest/back, regardless of his past.

    • P

      Point missed.

  2. Mike

    Is there any actual proof of her criminal record? I would love it if there is; but I can’t use this info as fact until I’ve seen it, ya know?

  3. C

    As much as I dislike Tomi’s redherring antics, where can I locate info regarding her shop lifting and prostitution? If we come for her, I want to come correct!

  4. Cleary

    Whether he was or wasn’t armed, he was not an imminent threat to this officer when he was shot. He was on his stomach, face down. The cop was on top of him. You don’t shoot to kill to subdue a suspect. There are other methods.

  5. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    Well and also it is not illegal to have a weapon. The NRA wants us all armed, remember???

  6. Malaka

    Dear Crazy People in my comments:

    By now you will have noted that your comments aren’t viewable in this section. Frustrating, I know. I set it up that way. I’ve seen what you’ve said, but trust that NO ONE ever will…at least not on this blog. *cackle*

    I quantified my statement about the segment of Americans Tomi Lahren panders to. I said “hateful white America”, not “white America”. There are many good and decent white people living in the country, and I’m fortunate to call a number of them friends. (I can’t be racist! I have white friends too!) Now, this post would in no way offend you unless you were part of that hateful group. Are you? Then you need to check yourself.

    Please spare yourself the energy. You will get no audience here. You’re not interested in engaging in meaningful conversation. You just want to derail, and I’m not going to give you the platform to do that. Sorry. So go back to Tumbl’r, or Reddit, or into what my friend Dara calls the ‘Blissful STFU beyond’. I don’t really care.

    Be blessed, now…ya hear?

    • Cleary

      I commented too but I wasn’t hateful. I don’t see my comment either. Should I even bother? I signed up for email notifications. Should I unsubscribe?

  7. Tedler

    This chick is a disgrace to my race. She reminds me of a racist Stepford Wife! Pathetic!
    I think she could be Trumps daugher…UGH!

  8. Hillary

    I’m confused. You said she was a prostitute for 14 years. She’s only 23 so she started when she was 9 at the very oldest? And then a few paragraphs down you say Heaven forbid she experiences sexual assault. If the criticism that your entire article is centered around is true, then she already did.

  9. Giselle Miller

    Thank you! I said the exact same thing when I signed the petition to have her removed. I also reminded them that she OPENLY admitted that the KKK was a terrorist group. A word our country refuses to associate with white male killers, whether solo or en masse.

  10. brian

    So is there any actual verifiable evidence of these claims she was a prostitute I can’t find any.

  11. Tanya

    Hahahaha Hehehe I lovvvvvvve it.

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