Let Your Feet Do the Talking with Daavi’s Connexions


Any footwear enthusiast is sure to agree with this statement, both because of its hilarity and for its inherent truth. The apparel we purchase for our feet has the power to provide the sort of gratification that extends long past the exchange at the check out counter. For an uncountable number of men and women all over the world, shoes serve as a medium of self-expression. Shoes have a peculiar way of telling you more about a person than any soliloquy ever could. Shoes have the power to give you access… or doom you to exclusion.

There’s just something about shoes…

As someone who’s spent nine years working retail in the footwear industry, I’ve seen the transformative power and affect that shoes can have on a person. A tired mom puts on a pair of sparkly heels and for a moment, she connects with the coy vixen she’s hidden under sweats and sneakers for years. I’ve seen college grads come in and try on pairs of classic Kenneth Coles, then outlandish Stacy Adams, before making the “sensible” decision to purchase a pair of black Nunn Bush loafers that will offer more mileage. They stand a little straighter – visibly more confident while picturing themselves tackling that new job or internship.

It’s therefore no wonder that Daavi’s Connexions has adopted the phrase “let your feet do the talking” to describe the mission of the company’s brand. Someone once famously said, “The eyes may be the windows to your soul, but your shoes tell us everything else!”

Seyram Atukpa, founder of Daavi's Connexions

Seyram Atukpa, founder of Daavi’s Connexions

Seyram Atukpa is the brain behind the brand that is synonymous with comfort and style. The 28-year-old entrepreneur credits her mother with the inspiration to go into business for herself. Although her mother worked full time in a traditional work environment, she also designed, sewed and sold her creations on the side. After graduating from university, it would take a year before Seyram found work as an account manager in a corporate environment. However, she didn’t rest on her laurels during her unemployment. An avid footwear devotee, she worked with a local craftsman to make custom sandals and handbags that she sold to friends and colleagues. It was in that time that she underwent a personal transformation as well. She cut off all her hair and went natural in a style popularly known as ‘Daavi’. With her new look and distinctive accessories for sale, her co-workers would playfully ask what she had come into work to ‘connect’ them with for the day.

It was in then that the name – and brand – Daavi’s Connexions was born.


Today, Seyram works fulltime as an Account Manager at, where she also uses the platform to sell well-recognized brands. For now, Daavi’s Connexions exclusively sells casual menswear featuring brands like Chucks, Toms Espadrille, Sebago Docksides and Loafers. Although her roots are in selling women’s footwear and accessories, she recognized an underserved market and seized on the opportunity.

“We believe everyone needs to make a statement with their footwear, be it a formal or a casual wear so Daavi’s Connexions is all about helping people make a statement with their footwear hence our slogan, ‘Let Your Feet Do The Talking.’”

Eventually, Daavi’s Connexions will expand its offering to include shoes for women, youth and toddlers. Seyram’s vision is to get to the point that when you hear the name Daavi’s Connexions, what comes to mind is quality, affordable footwear for everyone.

So, what’s next for the future?

“Plans are underway to collaborate with Chucks for our own co-branded and customized shoes. When people want Chucks, I want them to think of us first. In terms of reach, we are acting locally and thinking globally. Storefoundry offers worldwide delivery. If you have a mailing address, we can get your shoes to you anywhere in the world!”

Step your footwear game up this season and see what’s new at Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for discounts and sales. The only thing better than new shoes is getting new kicks on a deal!

Daavi’s Connexxions is on WhatsApp (+233 246514924), Facebook, Twitter (@daavisconnexion) and Instagram (@daavisconnexions).


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