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Who Is This Man? He Just Blew a Gaping Hole in Zimmerman's Defense

This video has been making the rounds on social media over the last few days. This guy (whoever he is) just picked apart Zimmerman’s entire defense and all his claims about how the fight between him and Trayvon Martin unfolded, down to the minutiae. We all know George Zimmerman is a liar, and a proven one. Now, is a liar a murderer? Not always. But a murderer will certainly always lie about the egregious crime of unlawfully stealing a life, and I submit that George Zimmerman is therefore both.

I first saw this video on Facebook. Oddly, the social media platform took it off of my page and the pages a few other friends that shared it today. What is there to fear? All reasonable people know that George Zimmerman – and his supporters – are a mixed bag of delusional sycophants and fabricators of untruths; and all it took was a man in a t-shirt and his 9 year old daughter to prove it.

Roll film and please share:

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  1. Michael

    1. Trayvon surprised Zimmerman, not hard to do in the dark rainy conditions. Zimmerman did not chase Trayvon down. We know that Trayvon was near his home. Had he just gone home, none of this would have happened. Actually, the testimony was NOT that they were talking and Trayvon attacked him.
    2. Did you notice from the expert testimony that Trayvon was on top of of Zimmerman. Your video makes absolutely no sense at all.
    3. Trayvon should have returned home. Zimmerman was NOT following him. No evidence to suggest that.

    • Malaka

      You’re either deaf, blind, dumb or all three.

      I’m going will all three.

      911 operator: Are you following him?
      Zimmerman: Yeah
      911 operator: okay we don’t need you to do that

      Aaaand that he equates to him not following him??

      And what if he WANTED to walk around the neighborhood. That’s his right! We don’t live in the Jim Crow era anymore, so please go tell all your George Wallace handbook reading friends that this is 2013, in the event that they forgot.
      I love how you people like to re-write history to suit your own fantasies. But like I said in my intro, you lot are delusional and this is to be expected.

  2. lovey

    lol Malaka, let it go. trayvon done been made good.

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