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Say what??

How Dwarves have Destroyed Ghana's Economy

I have no words. Which is why I had to make a video.


Dwarves. DWARVES and wizardry are destroying Ghana’s economy.



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  1. CobyStash

    We cannot solve our problems we the same level of consciousness that created it considering it’s an accumulation of same level of consciousness by those who came after Kwame Nkrumah. We need a paradigm shift and until then the government will repeat their nonsense over and over again!

    • Malaka

      You are so right! The only thing I disagree with is that we CAN solve our problems, but we clearly don’t want to. It doesn’t hurt enough yet. We like the lifestyle choices we’ve made, even if they are killing us, and we are dealing with a crop of individuals in leadership who not only prey on the people’s ignorance and inexperience, but also contribute to it!
      You go and stand in England and tell them at a rally that they reason they have no potable water and consistent electricity is due to the work of satan and dwarfs and see if they don’t stone you. Ah!

      • CobyStash

        Yes we can solve our problems but we need to change our minds and make conscious decisions. Another problem is that of religious superstition. Since Ghanaians pray more than work, we have more churches than industries. After prayers we need the latest mobile technology, designer clothes and others. Since we do not produce them in our country we have to import it from other countries. So I ask, why won’t the cedi fall? And we have deluded pastors who pray for God to stop the currency from falling after we caused the problem. These pastors who have taken the bible scripts literally are poisoning the Ghanaian society, hence the ignorance. You have the ignorant masses of whom most are poor, giving their monies as collection for God to these pastors everyday. I ask what does God need money for? If God needs money then I say he himself is in a worse shape or form than the poor man who hasn’t got a dime to his name. After all this the government can’t tax these churches don’t know if the fear God. The illusions of religion is so deep that the masses are deluded hence the state of the country. Maybe as u said it doesn’t hurt enough yet. Something really needs to hit us hard before we wake up.

  2. nana agyemang

    it was impetuous Gimli the mountain dwarf from the Larteh ridge…utterly sensational Malaka…by the fires of Baradur milady Maladriel save middle Ghana from its impending doooom…I think you could reap a fortune from animation or reading bedtime stories…on an even much lighter note when has any government not been a reflection of its people and their held beliefs…sigh…brodo baggins gosh my bladder

    • Malaka

      Oh but this one is too much. Ah! How many people in Ghana for real for real believe in dwarfs? Like 6? The government is reflecting the views of 6 people??? Lol!

      One of my career goals was to become a voice actor. You are the second person today to tell me to read for profit. Maybe the Powers of the Easterlies are trying to tell Maladriel something oo… 🙂

  3. Abena

    Hahhahaha,Abena Grant nee Gyekye!!i know it a serious topic but i couldnt help but laugh at the vlogs,u are very good,please go to Hollywood and audition for a voice over for animated movies,all that soundtracks and voice modulations is just on point.And that actor vlogs own too was funny as heck.
    Carry on girrll,u got an amazing voice.loves.X

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