What Would Laila Do?

So Misty Harris has thrown her fonky little Weight Off Challenge in my face, which I have heartily accepted. The goal is to lose 15 lbs by Christmas. As I said before, win or lose, I am never one ot back off of a challenge.

What Misty DOESN’T know, is that prior to her little fonky challenge, I had already been on a track to fitness and am now 9 lbs lighter than I was a month ago. (Take THAT Merrie Ol’ England!) Since this is a new lifestyle change for me, my goal is bigger than 15 lbs. In order to get to my goal weight and size, I need to loose 80-100 lbs. 15 lbs is a drop in my goal bucket!

 I discovered only late last night that Laila Ali has the body I want, and in order for me to go get it, I have begun to ask myself “What Would Laila Do?”. This morning before I dashed out of the house to drop the kids off to school, I considered my breakfast and asked myself if Laila would eat this? I wolfed down a bowl of Fiber One cereal. Two hours later, I was rewarded with a massive dump that left me at least 16 oz lighter. See? Already things are looking up. I’m certain that Laila starts her day with a good healthy poo too.

Here’s something that Misty doesn’t know (although she will once I hit the ‘publish’ button). I’ve already bought her Grand Prize gift. She can have it. I may or may not loose the 15 lbs by Christmas, but it doesn’t matter because my goal doesn’t stop there. My hot bod rests much further along than that!

So yeah Misty, here’s your box of chocolate. May every sugary bite go to your doughy thighs!

All the same Readers, if you’re interested there is a Mom v Mom for Fitness page on Facebook where you can track the madness.I love the picture she chose.  I’m the tiger cub leaping on her inferior prey, although I’m sure Misty would like to claim otherwise.